Public and private sector organizations are invited to join Cyber SMART as Members. In accordance with NSF requirements for the IUCRC program, Members participate in the Center through representation on the Cyber SMART’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB guides and supports the Center’s mission and vision, assists Center leadership in identifying pre-competitive industry-related research opportunities, and recommends research projects for funding through an evaluation and voting process at semiannual meetings. The IAB also assists in identifying employment placements and training opportunities for students and postgraduates who are employed as Cyber SMART researchers.

The IUCRC program, administered by the NSF, provides the financial and procedural framework for Center operations as well as Membership requirements. Like all the Centers in the program, Cyber SMART operations follow rigorous NSF and University standards and best practices honed over 50 years of the IUCRC experience during which thousands of organizations have joined and benefited from innovative research. For a summary of the center, including its members, current research, and benefits of membership, click the link below to view our brochure.

Cyber SMART Brochure

 Benefits of Membership

  • Access to world-class cyber expertise to address cyber issues and maximize cyber opportunities for a cost-effective set annual fee that includes a nominal overhead rate
  • A standard brief Membership Agreement used by all IUCRCs with simple and fair terms set by the NSF
  • Streamlined, centralized financial administration   
  • Access to all the Center’s research on all projects
  • A seat on the Center’s IAB and full voting rights to collectively set the Center’s annual research focus and priorities, select new Center projects for funding, and review progress of existing projects
  • Many opportunities to engage leading Cyber SMART academics in addressing your organization’s particular research interests and challenges
  • Recruiting opportunities, including opportunities to work collaboratively with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are prospects for employment
  • Opportunity to post job openings at your organization
  • Networking and collaboration with peers from a range of organizations in diverse sectors and regions to develop new and existing research and business partnerships
  • Early access to significant developments and new research findings

Annual Membership Cost

  • Full membership: $50,000/year
  • Associate Member: $25,000/year
  • Double memberships of $100,000/year are available for larger companies
  • Non-profits, start-ups, and small businesses may be invited to join at reduced rates, but this category has specific eligibility requirements set by the NSF so please contact us to discuss your organization.