Cyber SMART’s expertise and its research capabilities are unique. As the cross-discipline, full spectrum cyber IUCRC, Cyber SMART is able to bring together faculty and students from all relevant fields to work with organizations to undertake comprehensive ground-breaking research. These are the Center’s Lead Research Professors who lead the cross-discipline research teams.

Details of the experience, past research and publications by these Cyber SMART faculty members can be found in their more detailed Faculty profiles on the Georgetown University and University of Notre Dame websites.

  • Ophir Frieder

    Cyber SMART Center Director

  • Clare Sullivan

    Cyber SMART Executive Director and Lead Researcher - Law

  • Jarek Nabrzyski

    Cyber SMART Site Director and Lead Researcher - DLT, AI, and Digital Forensics

  • Martin Barron

    Cyber SMART Lead Researcher – IT, Analytics, and Operations

  • James Giordano

    Cyber SMART Lead Researcher - Bio Technology, Bio Security, and Cyber Ethics

  • Taeho Jung

    Cyber SMART Lead Researcher - DLT and Cryptography

  • Shin’ichiro Matsuo

    Cyber SMART Co-Director and Lead Researcher - Blockchain Eco-System

  • Ian Taylor

    Cyber SMART Lead Researcher - DLT, Supply Chain