Shin’ichiro Matsuo

Cyber SMART Co-Director and Lead Researcher - Blockchain Eco-System


Professor Shin’ichiro Matsuo is a Research Professor at Georgetown University where he leads research on blockchain technology and ecosystem design. Professor Matsu received a Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He founded the, an international and neutral research test network, to promote applied academic research in Blockchain technologies; and is founding member of the Blockchain Academic Synergized Environment Alliance which promotes industrial-academic collaborative research. He serves on many program committees on Blockchain technology and information security including IEEE Security and Privacy on the Blockchain, the ACM Workshop on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Contracts, the International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, the Crypto-Economics Security Conference, W3C Blockchain and the Web Workshop and Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering; and he was the program Co-Chair of Scaling Bitcoin 2018 Tokyo. Professor Shinichiro leads two security standardization projects (ISO TR23245 and ISO TR23576) for Blockchain at ISO TC307. Previously he served as the head of the Japanese national body of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27/WG2 for cryptographic techniques, and was an editor of three ISO/IEC standards on cryptographic algorithms and protocols. He was granted 13 patents on cryptography. He also served as a member of the advisory board of cryptographic technology for the Japanese government.

Professor Shin’ichiro Matsuo, a recognized international expert in cryptography and blockchain technology and advisor to both industry and government on international technology standards, leads the team responsible for blockchain and distributed ledger technology and its applications.